Technical Teacher Education

The Technical Teacher Education (TTE) program offers an undergraduate degree in Career and Technical Education and a graduate degree in Technical Teacher Education.   

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Career and Technical Education is designed for persons who have industry experience (minimum of two years) and are teaching or preparing to teach in Career and Technical Education programs/pathways at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

The Master of Science degree in Career and Technical Education (Technical Teacher Education Emphasis) is designed for persons who want to continue to enhance their knowledge in Career and Technical Education.  In many instances, this degree allows the Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher to move on the salary schedule at most high schools and colleges. 

The Career and Technical Teacher Education certificate is designed for those individuals who are obtaining coursework with the Technical Teacher Education unit to acquire certification (through the appropriate state entity) within the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. All of these courses can be used for major requirements on the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Education.

The Career and Technical Education Administrator certificate addresses the needs of Career and Technical Education administrators across the state of Kansas.  Many have already achieved degrees but are in need of additional knowledge in the CTE realm.  

In-service teachers can find technical and professional development resources and offerings at the Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education.