Masters of Science in Technology
Masters of Science with a Major in Technology (Face-to-Face and/or On-Line)

The MST Program is the most flexible of the four COT graduate programs and can be tailored to address a wide range of career goals, based on emphasis selected. Emphases include: Automotive Technology; Construction Management; Graphics Design; Graphics, Management; Information Technology; Innovation in Technology (face-to-face only); Personnel Development; Technology Management; and No Emphasis (provides maximum flexibility in course selection for addressing candidate’s goals). The online degree program is designed for the full-time, workplace-bound individual.

The program offers a 15-hour core of course work in research, global issues, leadership, quality systems and management, and statistics-based analysis; and one credit hour of assessment. Remaining nine hours of emphasis –related courses and nine hours of enrichment electives complete the 33-hour program to address candidates’ specific career goals. Candidates in program typically have undergraduate degree –related to a specific technology area. Depending upon academic background and emphasis selected, candidates may be required to take pre-requisites or foundation course work.

The program offers two Tracks—Enrichment electives and Internship. The Internship was developed specifically for international students desiring  to do internships as part of their program (OPT), as well as employment in the U.S. at the conclusion of their program.  Note:  With this track, students starting  at PSU in the Spring semester would be eligible for a summer internship if one was offered to them.

Master of Science Degree with a Major in Technology (no emphasis) or

Optional emphasis areas with the Masters of Science with Technology (MST):

Technology (Automotive Technology)
Technology (Graphics Design)
Technology (Graphics Management)
Technology (Human Resource)
Technology (Information Technology)
Technology (STEM College Teaching)
Technology (Technology Management)